Flying Frames Productions is a Mumbai based production company focused on quality storytelling, striking visuals. The combined experience of the in-house team covers selection of a short film in Indie Film Festival 2019. The company consists of departments: Flying Frames Productions, for Pre production and for post production (editorial, visual effects, advertising, motion graphics) In recent months, Flying Frames Productions has made a concentrated push into tv commercials, OTT platforms and also Film Festivals. Work produced has involved short films, music videos, cover songs, social media videos, web-series etc. Flying Frames Productions participated in 50 hr film making competition recently and got selected in the top 50 films to be screened in Indie Film Festival to be held in Bangalore 2019. The company is dedicated to supporting the creation of content that is both artistic and accurate and that engages an audience in response,bringing together the worlds of film , tv and digital with new media. A media weapon that raises audience awareness and empowers it to engage with a given topic.Our knowledge and expertise allow us to defend ideas, give voice to those who engage, inspire, reflect, mobilize, initiate or drive action. Flying Frames Productions Producers have all realized that it was time to change. Because it is important to give meaning to what we do, we have long reflected on our business, our mission, our values, our desires, our commitments. That as individuals but also as an entity. After an year of production in the industry, we understand that many routes are possible and that each of them are related to what we expect from civil society.


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